Origin of the Kindness Rocks Project ...

By Leiann

Origin of the Kindness  Rocks  Project  ...

Sometimes, a person may need a little token that says "I care". As a rock, stone, or pebble is free and a Sharpie is a buck or two, create that little token. You could make somebody's day.

All you need is a little creativity!

Think of little positive sayings to write on the rock, stone or pebble. Don't want to write? Draw something! Want more than a Sharpie? Use some paint!

You don't have to be on the beach to place these! It could be your church parking lot, grocery store parking lot, a parking garage, at the post office, the library, etc.

It's totally harmless in a world that needs much love and caring, instead of violence.

Have a good one.

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