DIY Makeup Storage for Crafty Girls to save Money ...


DIY Makeup Storage for Crafty Girls to save Money ...
DIY Makeup Storage for Crafty Girls to save Money ...

When you have enough makeup to sink a small boat, you need good storage solutions. There are some brilliant storage options available to buy but if you're a crafty gal or on a budget, DIY solutions are your friend.

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Bowl Storage

Bowl Storage Source: Bright Bedroom on a Budget
Made from dollar store wooden bowls cut in half


Make-up Magnet Board

Make-up Magnet Board Source: Laura Thoughts: Make-up Magnet Board
If you don't have an old picture frame, it's easy enough to make your own from some molding and board.


Nail Polish Storage

Nail Polish Storage What a great use for Ribba picture ledges from Ikea.


Makeup Tool Holder

Makeup Tool Holder All you need is a jar and marbles or glass beads (or beans or anything small and round).


Candle Jar Organizer

Candle Jar Organizer Source: Lust for Lip Gloss: DIY
A clever idea for your lipstick stash


Cake Stand

Cake Stand You can pick up vintage cake stands cheaply in thrift stores


Old Plastic Bottles

Old Plastic Bottles Source: Pluii
I'd never have thought of this.


Mix and Match Glass Boxes for an Eclectic Look

Mix and Match Glass Boxes for an Eclectic Look Source: Glass - ShopStyle
This is a chic way to store your makeup.


DIY Lipstick Holder

DIY Lipstick Holder Source: DIY Lipstick Holder
Made from old cardboard boxes.


Creating your own lipstick holder is not only a savvy way to save, but also an eco-friendly choice that breathes new life into otherwise discarded materials. Begin by cutting the cardboard to the desired size, then use wrapping paper or fabric to give it a chic look. Finally, add divisions with more cardboard, ensuring each slot is snug enough to hold a lipstick in place. This custom organizer will not only keep your favorite shades at hand but also display your flair for creative recycling.


Ice Trays for Singles

Ice Trays for Singles Now you can easily see all your shades.


Use a Toolbox

Use a Toolbox Source: Your Pink Box
Appropriate your dad's tool station from the garage and give it a spray paint makeover.


DIY Chevron Glitter Vanity Tray

DIY Chevron Glitter Vanity Tray Source: Craft A Doodle Doo: The
Or you could just use a pretty try you find cheap at a thrift store or elsewhere.


Makeup Palette Organizer

Makeup Palette Organizer Source: The {Not-So-Secret} Life of Jennifer
Made from a pot lid organizer/rack. I'm thinking a wire dish rack could work too.


Stacked Trays

Stacked Trays Source: Shabby Sweet Cottage: Stacked Trays
The trays are stacked using wooden candlesticks.


Brush for Brushes

Brush for Brushes How clever is this? It's just a brush head you can pick up at a hardware store.


DIY Lipstick Organizer. THIS is so COOL!!!

DIY Lipstick Organizer. THIS is so COOL!!! Source: Made a Lipstick Organizer. X-post
Made from PVC pipe.


DIY Makeup Brush Roll

DIY Makeup Brush Roll I'm so impressed by this.


Repurpose a Sephora Gift Box

Repurpose a Sephora Gift Box Source: DIY: Makeup Storage Box from
Any good deep box will work for this.


Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer Source: How to DIY Cardboard Desktop
Feeling crafty?


Upcycle a Filing Cabinet

Upcycle a Filing Cabinet Source: Friday Finds: my favorite DIY


DIY Drawer Storage

DIY Drawer Storage Source: Peachfizzz: DIY: Make Up Storage
You'll need a collection of same-sized boxes to achieve this.

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Super article ! ❤️❤️❤️

I love the plastic bottles with the iron. Totally something I will do tomorrow!!!!!! Thanks neecy

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