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Finding spa treatments you can recreate at home is a great way to save money. And, let’s face it, the vast majority of us need to make financial cutbacks in some way or another. Still, even when we are facing times of austerity, why should we give up on looking our best? Here are a few spa treatments you can recreate at home and save yourself some serious cash in the process.

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Hydrotherapy Spa hydrotherapy isn’t exactly a modern treatment. In fact, people have been using it as a form of medicine in the western world since at least the 18th century. In its modern form, it is designed to make your skin glow. This is one of the easiest spa treatments you can recreate at home. Just stand underneath your shower while it is hot, then switch to the coldest setting, and repeat a few times. Voila, hydrotherapy.


Body Wraps

Body Wraps Okay, so this is an element of the spa world that is hotly disputed by doctors. There is no doubting the fact that you can moisturize yourself to hell and back with a body wrap. However, whether or not you lose inches and detox is a different question altogether. If you want to find out what a body wrap can do for you without going to a spa, purchase a DIY kit for your home. Stick on some relaxing music, and see whether these supposedly miracle solutions have any effect for you.


Foot Soaks

Foot Soaks My feet are horrific. Ask anybody who knows me, and they will tell you that my feet are probably my worst feature. This means they need pretty consistent attention. If I were to go to a spa every time I needed said attention, I would be broke. One key element of my foot arsenal is a foot soak. You can either fork out loads for a store made or beautician mixed one, or you can use olive oil and lavender. Either way, your feet will be soft afterwards. Try giving yourself a foot massage too.


DIY Facial

DIY Facial Again, as someone who suffers from oily skin, I could easily spend a packet on facials to keep myself looking even marginally balanced. You can perform a rudimentary facial at home, for a fraction of the cost. I like Lauren Conrad’s basic facial. It involves cleaning your face, then exfoliating, then steaming, using a face mask, and hydrating with a moisturizer. This really is basic, but you will feel so good afterwards.


Give Yourself a Massage

Give Yourself a Massage Yes, you really can give yourself a massage. Now there is no denying that this will be nowhere near as amazing as when a qualified therapist does the job. However, you can release some tension in your head and neck. By squeezing the skin either side of your spine, rubbing your hands in a downward motion against your neck, pummeling your shoulders, and stroking upwards from the center of your chest, you can experience the stress-releasing sensations that come with a massage. If you have a partner (or a very nice friend), then ask them to do the job for you. Mixing oils to suit your mood really enhances this process.


Mood Busting Aromatherapy

Mood Busting Aromatherapy Recently I started to make my own candles. This wasn’t just about saving money, it was about creating something that suits my many many moods in terms of color AND oils. If you like the idea of a little olfactory alchemy to ease your bad moods and stresses, then begin experimenting. I like lemon oils for when I need a kick up the ass to get motivated, lavender for my insomnia, and frankincense for insight. There are many oils out there, so try finding some great ones to suit you, burn them, and meditate.


Zen Yoga

Zen Yoga Whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner, creating a zen atmosphere and flowing through some moves is a great way to complete a DIY spa experience. You can easily spend ridiculous amounts of money on yoga. If you live near some great outdoor spaces—like beaches, lakes, and forest clearings—head there to do a little yoga. If not, create a peaceful atmosphere indoors. I like Tibetan singing bowl music to enhance this experience.

Now you can either spend a day working your way through a DIY spa experience, or you can take an hour to yourself. Either way, you will de-stress and enhance your overall well being. Many of these treatments are relaxing, and the happy disposition you will have afterwards can work wonders. If you like to do DIY spa treatments at home, please share them for us all to enjoy!

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A sugar or sea salt scrub with olive oil, lemon zest and thyme is my favorite this winter! I use it for my face, lips or body.

How do we exactly do a DIY mask thingy

Not all body wraps are made to detoxify you. But honestly even the ones that are are basically just made for relaxation anyways.

Almond oil and coarse sugar for exfoliation-- pretty much what Fresh sugar body scrub is but for over 50 bucks.

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