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Last Minute Gifts That They Actually Will Want to Receive ...

By Leiann

Do you ever need a last minute gift to give? You want something unique and personal, yet do not know what to give... Watch this video on last-minute gifts they are going to want to receive and be a little frugal while you are at it!

Here is my little review of the video...

1 Manicure Set

This is super easy and can be for that mother, daughter, BFF, co-worker, neighbor, etc. Choose luxurious colors. Why not arrange in a wine glass?

2 Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Why not buy some chocolate spread or Nutella for this one? If you bought the spread, things would probably work out easier. But, if you are old-fashioned and want to melt the chocolate yourself, do it by all means. Simply stick the pretzel stick in the chocolate and stick in the fridge. Cannot find a proper container? Decorate a paper bag!


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3 Ice Cube Chocolates

These are cute to give in small mason jars or also decorated paper bags. They say it is all about presentation, but I disagree. A paper bag that is decorated shows you took the time and effort...not needing to buy a fancy tin.

4 Memory Jar

Can you come up with a bunch of nice things to say to that special person? Write them down on little slips of paper. When the recipient is having a bad day, they can always grab that memory jar and feel better.

5 Adult Coloring Book

I really like this one as there are all kinds of options. Simply either buy a coloring book, markers and frame for a person to color and frame for themselves or YOU color a page, attach a favorite saying or bible verse to the artwork, then frame the artwork. Also, you could present with the rest of the coloring book and markers.

All of these are within the spending budget of most people. You can give if you are poor or if you are wealthy.

So, happy giving!

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