5 Best Interior Design Trends for Summer 2018 ...


5 Best Interior Design Trends for Summer 2018 ...
5 Best Interior Design Trends for Summer 2018 ...

Want to know about the interior design trends summer 2018? It is not just your body that needs to be summer ready. Your home does too. This summer, colors are back and they are not just meant for the accents around the house but also for the main living areas around your dwelling. So are textures, wallpapers, floral hues and metallic finishes. Here are some interior design trends summer 2018 you need to follow this summer.

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Yes! They are back. If the old ugly wallpapers from your granny’s kitchen make you gag, RE-THINK the idea of it. The new, rich wallpapers in a variety of colors with metallic finishes are IT!


Natures Inspiration

The new trend this summer is heading toward taking inspiration from nature and shifting toward a subtler hue palate. From shades of rose pink to hyacinth violet, from avocado green to globe thistle blues. Get out and get inspired!


Bold and Beautiful

If pastel shades are not your thing, good for you. This year’s trend will also see a return of bold and saturated colors. From contrasts in the elements to the blend of a mix, you will see it all.


Colorful Kitchens

This year, the color trend will also shift from the usual to the new star of the house. The KITCHEN! Kitchens will shift from the customary mundane light-colored space into a more distinct and integral part of the house décor. The appliances will vanish from sight and will be replaced by more color-rich metal fixtures and accessories.


Rose Gold

Talking about metal, the flavor of metal for this summer is rose gold. You will see a number of displays with this finish as the highlight. From furniture accents to appliances, from fixtures, to even setting the table with the cutlery. Rose gold will be the trend!

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