7 Interesting Uses for Kool Aid ...


7 Interesting Uses for Kool Aid ...
7 Interesting Uses for Kool Aid ...

Uses for Kool Aid are way more fun and way more numerous than you’d expect! Seriously, did you know you can use it for more than just drinking? It’s a drink, a beauty product, an interesting new object to add to your list of crafting supplies…you name it! But let’s take it from the top, shall we? Take a look at these alternative uses for Kool Aid I’ve put together for you and give them a try.

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As a Hair Dye

Bright, unusual colors are still a good, trendy choice if you want to stand out, and Kool Aid actually doubles as a temporary hair dye, allowing you to grab a refreshing (literally!) hairstyle whenever you feel like it! Mix a few satchels of unsweetened Kool Aid in the color/flavor of choice with enough water to form a thick paste (feel free to add some cornstarch if it end up being too runny), then apply on clean hair and let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse off, condition and style as usual! Interesting, huh? Well, keep reading! There are plenty of other uses for Kool Aid you might find interesting.


For DIY Projects

Fresh out of your favorite water color shade? No problem! Mix together two or more Kool Aid powders to get the shade you need. Your friends are bringing their children along and there’s not enough colorful play dough to go around? Again, Kool Aid to the rescue! Work a satchel of Kool Aid into crafting clay or white play dough and your problem is solved!


For Food Decoration

Why settle for regular blueberry muffins when you can have BLUE blueberry muffins? Or red strawberry and cream pancakes or… well, anything you can think of! This interesting use for Kool Aid won’t only help you prepare some seriously great-looking sweets, but it adds an interesting flavor as well, allowing you to play mix and match in a totally new, non fashion related way even your kids will love!


To Make a Lip Gloss

Why purchase the color you don’t use much or turn down a good DIY when you can experiment with this alternative use for Kool Aid? Oh and how about a blue gloss? I’ve always been interested to know what’s so special about them! Simply pour a bit of unsweetened Kool Aid into a clear gloss and run it under a jet of hot water to combine. Or, if you’re fresh out of clear glosses or don’t have any to sacrifice for the sake of DIY science, mix together petroleum jelly and sweet Kool Aid, microwave for a very short time (about 5 seconds) and voila – you’ve just made yourself a gloss that not only looks good but tastes just as great!


As a Textile Dye

Feel a great DIY coming up and there’s not a single satchel of textile dye in the house? Well, this is one of those alternative uses for Kool Aid you’re definitely going to love, then! Mix a few satchels of Kool Aid with water (the more Kool Aid you add, the darker and more vibrant the color will be), add 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar and toss in a clean, dry piece of clothing you want to revive. You can tie dye it, give an ombre look or opt for foolproof single color -- which, by the way, is a great choice if you have a faded item you’re hoping to salvage, a plain white top that could be more useful if it were of different color or a piece of light-colored clothing with a serious case of irreparable color-transfer. But wait, that’s not all! You can also dye yarn, felt, feathers as well as scraps of fabric you’re planning to use for scrapbooking or jewelry making!


For a Spotless Home

Unusual but true, unsweetened, lemon-flavored Kool Aid can help you have a spotless, rust and limescale-free home! Empty a satchel into a dish washer, then let it run a cycle empty and voila – spotless is the name! Or, if you’re feeling really creative, do the same with your electric kettle – bye, bye limescale! Dark colors could help you discover a leak in your toilet as well and all you’ll have to do is empty a satchel of Kool Aid into the tank in the evening and check the bowl for colored streaks in the morning. And they say it’s just a drink! Ha!


To Remove Chlorine Buildup from Hair

Last but not the least, another use for Kool Aid you didn’t see coming! If your hair smells like chlorine or you fear that chlorine buildup may damage it, all you have to do is mix one or two teaspoons (depending on the length of your hair) with a glob of shampoo and use this mixture to wash your tresses. Rinse and condition as usual and voila – no more chlorine!

Is there an alternative use for Kool Aid I’ve forgotten to mention or know nothing about? Do tell! Learning new ways to use common household stuff is always super fun!

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Hmm. You gotta wonder what's in something that removes chlorine and limescale..

Dipping your hair into kool aid sounds gross

Ellie, anything (temp or not) in blonde hair tends to be permanent because blonde hair is so light in color it stains easy

I wouldn't recommend the kool aid as hair dye... I used red in my hair last August and it still has a pink tint now of February!

Don't use in blonde hair unless you want it to last a few weeks to months! I can't drink kool aid after seeing how long it lasted in my hair. :P

Lots of girls at my school dip dyed there hair with koolaid, it's looks amazing and comes out to so u can change it up and also get you're old hair color back!

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