9 Incredibly Adorable Ways to Give Ballet Flats a Makeover ...


9 Incredibly Adorable Ways to Give Ballet Flats a Makeover ...
9 Incredibly Adorable Ways to Give Ballet Flats a Makeover ...

Dying to give ballet flats a makeover? There are many DIY ways to go about it. No matter your style, there is a way to give ballet flats a makeover that is sure to make you smile. Apart from the cuteness factor, these DIY projects are also easy to do. Using one or two materials, you will be on your way to having a “new” pair of insanely adorable ballet flat shoes.

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Cap Toe

Cap Toe Painting the toe section is one of the ways to give ballet flats a makeover. This method is incredibly easy. You simply tape off the toes of your plain flat shoes, spray paint in metallic color, and you're done. Don't you just love easy fashion DIY projects?

Tutorial Source: fitnessista.com


Bead Dots

Bead Dots Have you ever met Beads in a Bottle? This is a Tulip product that will surely make shoe DIY projects a whole lot easier for you. They're great for giving boring black ballet flats a designer-inspired studded style.

Tutorial Source: glitternglue.com


Beads in a Bottle are essentially paintable beads, allowing you to create raised bead-like dots wherever you apply them. It's perfect for those who want to add a personal touch with a three-dimensional effect that really pops! Imagine transforming a pair of plain flats into something you'd find on a high-end designer rack. With a little precision and creativity, you can place these tiny dots in patterns or scatter them whimsically for a fun twist. Whether you're going for edgy, chic, or just adding a bit of bling, this product is a game-changer. It dries quickly too, so you can show off your new fancy footwear in no time.


Glitter Hearts

Glitter Hearts So cute! This project can be a bit messy but if you love to play with Mod Podge and glitter, you will not want to give this a pass. If hearts are a bit too twee for you, you can also choose to glitter stencil other shapes. Skulls will work, actually.

Tutorial Source: sheknows.com


Dipped and Dotted

Dipped and Dotted These DIY ballet flats are goshdarn cute as well. This project is similar to the cap toe idea but instead of a solid color section, you will also be adding dainty polka dots to your shoes. The dots are unpainted sections; before you spray paint the cap toe, you place foam dots on your shoes so that you'll have lovely dots in the end. Clever!

Tutorial Source: sugarandcloth.com



Ombre These are insanely gorgeous. Not only will dyeing fabric ballet flats give you a trendy pair of shoes, this could also be a perfect DIY for bridesmaids. To give your shoes an ombre treatment, you prepare your dye bath, dip your shoes, and let dry. Easy!

Tutorial Source: swellmayde.com


Glitter Mouse

Glitter Mouse These darling shoes are inspired by a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs ballet flats. The designer pair costs more than $200. But if you're feeling crafty, you can easily give a pair of glitter ballet flats a lovely mousy makeover, and spend only a fraction of the designer price!

Tutorial Source: girlinthepoodleshoes.com


Ankle Straps

Ankle Straps I love ballet flats with ankle straps even though said straps are not exactly kind on the shape of my calves. If your legs are much daintier, I suggest that you try this 3-in-1 ballet flat DIY tutorial. I love the studded tiny belt idea.

Tutorial Source: transientexpression.com


Studded Animal Print

Studded Animal Print A combination of studs and animal prints? This is a DIY project for the fiercely fashionable. You take a pair of ballet flats in chic animal print, glue studs, let dry, and that's it. Where you glue the studs is entirely up to you. You can choose to cover only the back side or do only the toe sections.

Tutorial Source: pinkpistachio.com


Painted Dots

Painted Dots Not contented with painting just a section of your ballet flats? You can go the "PS-I Made This" way by painting dots all over your shoes! This project will call for puffy paint. You can choose a single color but using several and dotting them in patterns will be all sorts of stylish and fun.

Tutorial Source: psimadethis.com

Ready to give your ballet flats a makeover now? Which of these methods will you be using? I think I'll have a go at the polka dot cap toe idea. I know I have foam dots somewhere...

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Awesome ideas!!

4,5,7,8 are my favourites- Definitely going to try these out!

You tubes anneorshine has a really great tutorial for mouse flats inspired by Marc jacobs

Ombre & mouse shoes are great ide, thank you for This artikel

Oh wow, four and five are super awesome!

Uuugh cap toe....

6,7,9 are the best

5, 7, 8 are the BEST !!!!!!

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