The Secret 🙊 to Taking Stunning 😍 Black and White Photos 🎞 ...

When you're posing for Instagram photos, you don't have to worry about what you look like, because the right filter can change the look of your hair and outfit. Instead of using a bright filter, you should use one that changes your photos into black and white. That way, your pictures will look more professional. Here are a few tips for taking artsy black and white photos:

1. Create Contrast

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It's no surprise that black and white photographs will only come out in shades of black and white. That's why you want to create a contrast. That means your photo should include something that's very dark and something that's very light. If you're the only thing in the photo, you can wear a black outfit with white accessories. If you're standing in front of a background, then it should be light if you look dark and vice versa.

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