How-to Reuse Clothes for People Who Just Can't Part with Theirs ...


Okay, let's be honest - how many clothes do you have in your wardrobe that you don't wear anymore or that doesn't really fit, but that you just can't bear to throw out? Those garments are taking up space that you could give to clothes you'll actually wear! But if you're reluctant to throw out old favorites, there's a way of making them useful again - in fact, there are several ways. So give your old clothes a new lease of life with one of these ideas …

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Refashioning is big these days, both as a way of saving money and keeping clothes from being thrown away. If you're stuck for ideas as to what you could turn your old garment into, check out one of the many inspirational refashioning blogs such as or They'll give you tons of ideas for turning something old into something awesome!


Make a Sweater into a Cushion

Have you seen knit cushions in lifestyle magazines and goggled at the price? For pennies or cents you can make your own instead. Take an old sweater that's worn out or is too big for you, and make your very own cosy and stylish knit cushion! Here's how to make your gorgeous new cushion


Make a T-Shirt Rug

If you're accumulating lots of worn out but beloved t-shirts, turn them into something that's as pretty as it's useful. You could make a rug for your bedroom or bathroom. There are two ways to do this. You can make a more '3D' rug by pushing shorter pieces through a mat, or turn the t-shirts into long strips and braid them The more colorful the better!


Make a Memory Quilt

This is a wonderful way of preserving the memory of someone who's passed away. If you still have the clothes that belonged to your mother or grandmother, you may be reluctant to get rid of these precious associations with them. But by turning them into a memory quilt, you'll have something that you can look at and love every day to remember them.


Turn a T Shirt into a No-Sew Bag

If you have a t-shirt with a really great motif on it, you can give it new life by turning it into a shopping bag. And what's more, this is a no-sew project, so great for a quick project or if you don't have a sewing machine. Here's how to make your no-sew bag - band t-shirts or logos look particularly good.


Celebrate with Bunting

Home-made bunting is the latest trend among sewers and crafters. It's an excellent project if you have a special occasion coming up, as you can customise it to match the occasion. The best fabric for bunting is cotton or fabric that doesn't stretch, so that it will hang straight.


Turn into Toys

Finally, another good use for your old clothes is to turn them into soft toys. You can be as creative as you like - toys aren't just for kids! Make something that you'll love to have around, or treat the kids in your life to some fun new toys. Your pets would also appreciate some toys to play with.

There's so much potential in your old clothes, so give them a second life!

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