How to πŸ“ Make a Candy 🍭🍬 Bouquet for the Sweetest ☺️ Person in Your Life 🌎 ...


Are you interested in crafts? Do you like to give unique presents? Do you want to learn how to make a candy bouquet? This YouTube video is for you! There are no rules. The video hostess shows her example, but as I mention later on, you can use your own creativity.

As for supplies, why not shop at Dollar Tree? It is all about presentation and meaning, not about how much money you spent.

Well, as you are anxious to see the video already, see you after you've learned how to make a candy bouquet.

Randa Derkson

Published on Jan 21, 2015

1. What do You Need?

Lots of floral tape, skewers, cellophane grab bags, wrapping paper, small balloons on a stick and a gift bag with floral foam on the bottom.

Types of Gifts to Attach
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