How to Decorate Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


How to Decorate Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
How to Decorate Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

I'm here to tell you how to decorate your home according to your zodiac sign. If you are in the process of redecorating your home, or you are starting to feel the urge to go on a redesign adventure in your house or flat, then you will be more than aware than when it comes to home décor, the possibilities are virtually endless! With so many different trends and styles coming in just as fast as they go out, the entire process can be pretty overwhelming for an amateur, but if you believe in the power of astrology, then I think that the stars might be able to hold some inspiration for you! Here is how to decorate your home according to your zodiac sign.

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You like nothing more than to seek solitude in the tranquil peace of your home, so you would do well to dedicate a room solely to music and meditation. Dreamy, serene colours like lilac and sea blue are a must.



You are a fiery soul that needs a décor to match, so lots of shots of vibrant red and crimson throughout the home are perfect. You can mellow it a little with something like hot pink if you prefer!



You like to enjoy the finer things in life, and you can do so with high-quality accessories like Persian rugs, leather sofas, framed wall art and various antique pieces.



You are an eclectic personality, someone whose tastes change as often as the weather, so to keep you happy you need to have lots of different prints, accents, and colours all through your home to adapt to your changing preferences.



You are a sign that is particularly ruled by the moon, so you should reflect this in your décor with lots of silver, shimmering whites and pale blues. You would also benefit from lots of photographs scattered around the place.



You love to hold court in a grand way, and you are drawn more to the exotic side of design with deep reds, sandy browns and oceanic turquoises with plenty of gold accents for the extra touch of luxury.



You are a classic perfectionist, so to make you happy, you need to be thinking as minimalist as possible. Solid whites and clean lines, something that is going to look organised even at its messiest!



You are ruled by Venus, which is the beauty planet. Your home needs to be as elegant and stylish as possible, filled with beautiful objects and accessories from your kitchen gadgets all the way to your large furniture pieces.



The two different types of Scorpios either prefer dazzling white with lots of texture, or deep intense colours like black, orange and crimson. Why not go for a happy medium between the two?



You are happiest in the great outdoors, so the challenge is bringing that inside. Lots of plants and flowers placed around the home will achieve this, along with bright floral, pastel colours to replicate stunning flowerbeds.



You have a very traditional edge to your personality, so home comfort is essential and can be achieved in the form of things like brown leather sofas, wood cabinetry and even something as cool as a statement piece grandfather clock.



You are a lover of all things modern and futuristic, so there should be a lot of stainless steel and glass work going on in your home. It might not look like the cosiest abode to outsiders, but to an Aquarius, there is nothing better!

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