9 Gorgeous Anthro-Inspired Necklaces That You Can Make for Cheap ...


Ever been to the Anthropologie website and drool at their many delectable necklaces? We feel you. We also feel your need to save so we give you this list of Anthro-inspired necklace DIYs. The following are perfect for all sorts of style. Not only are they fabulous, they are easy to make, too. Check them out and see what beautiful Anthro items you can make for cheap.

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Pearl Bib

Pearl Bib This is one gorgeous Anthro-inspired DIY necklace. You can make yours using a bit of leather, fabric strips for tying, and of course, pearls. The original piece also come with clear beads. If you have those lying around, you should definitely include them.

Source: starsforstreetlights.com


Ribbon and Clear Beads

Ribbon and Clear Beads Want an Anthro accessory for only about $5? Well, you can't buy one, as you very well know. What you can do, however, is DIY! For this particular idea, you will need only ribbon, needle, and beads. If you want your necklace to look as close to the original as possible, we suggest choosing a dark blue ribbon and faceted beads in lovely amber.

Source: gimmesomeoven.com


Party Animals

Party Animals Yep, these are necklaces. Aren't they cute? These are plastic farm toys with lots of fun detailing added. You can make your version with the help of ribbon, beads, and chain. You will also need an eye screw so that you can attach your party animal pendants to the chain.

Source: mysocalledcraftylife.com



Sapa-Inspired For those who like the look of fabric jewelry, this easy-to-make piece is a winner. It is made of strips of fabric and large wooden beads. You will also need a bit of wire to keep the beads in their position. Before you thread the beads, though, you will need to braid the fabric strips first.

Source: gina-michele.com



Tassel How gorgeous! Tassel necklaces are quite popular and you can make one that is Anthro-inspired. This particular necklace DIY calls for several types of beads. You will need round beads in three colors, bicone beads, and spacers in antique gold. For the tassel, you will need only embroidery floss.

Source: yeahimadeit.com


Bead and Tassel

Bead and Tassel Here is another tassel Anthro-inspired DIY necklace. This one doesn't have a beaded strand but it does have a harness-like section with tiny beads. The tassels, just like the previous craft project, can be made using embroidery floss.

Source: chic-steals.com


Dainty Lace

Dainty Lace How pretty! For those who sew, you probably have pretty eyelet lace lying around. Take about a foot for this DIY. You will also need velvet ribbon, chain, jump rings, and a rhinestone trim. Make sure that your chain has big enough links for the velvet ribbon to thread through.

Source: mysocalledcraftylife.com


Beaded Curved Bar

Beaded Curved Bar This is my favorite among these gorgeous Anthro-inspired DIY necklaces. This jewelry tutorial is fantastic because it will show you how to make a wire curved bar with end holes. Basically, you will flatten thick wire using a hammer and then add holes using ice pick. You then wire colorful round beads around this bar and then add chains.

Source: quietlioncreations.blogspot.com


Fabric Flower

Fabric Flower Anthropologie carries a lot of necklaces that are floral in theme. This one is a fabric variety and you can make one using fabric scraps and pearl beads. The Anthro inspiration for this necklace has several fabric flowers. You can choose to follow that route or go for a single bloom design, as shown in the photo.

Source: howjoyful.com

Don't you just love jewelry-making projects? And don't you just love them even more when they are fabulous knock-off ideas of pricey items? If you agree with us, give the DIYs here a try.

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