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7 Essential DIY Skills Every Woman Should Know ...

By Alison

Every woman should learn some essential DIY skills. With this knowledge, she can then fix basic problems around the house without having to call in an expensive professional. Some things should be left to the experts, but there are a number of issues that are easy to fix when you know how. It will save you a lot of time and money. Here are the essential DIY skills that every woman should know …

1 Clearing Blocked Pipes

The first of the essential DIY skills that every woman should know is how to clear blocked pipes. It's a lot cheaper to do this yourself, even if you need to get tools for the job. If I can clear them, anyone can! It's a simple if messy job, so put down old sheets and have a container to catch water (I use water bottles). You can even clear blocked drains, although you will need specialist equipment for this.

2 Building Furniture

Funnily enough, I actually enjoy putting flat-pack furniture together. Rather than ask a man to build your furniture, do it yourself. Yes, you may need help to hold pieces of larger furniture, but it's very satisfying putting it together. Use a small container to hold the screws and stop them getting lost, and do read the instructions carefully. The trick is to make sure you have the pieces the correct way round …


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3 Painting

Does your apartment need painting? Then grab a brush and roller, and paint it yourself. You don't need a man to do it for you! Just make sure that the walls are properly prepared, and don't forget those old sheets to catch splashes and protect furniture.

4 Car Maintenance

Learning how to do basic car maintenance can not only save you money, but also reduce the chances of experiencing a breakdown. Take a class, or get someone to show you how to check the oil, water & tyre pressure. You should also know how to change a wheel and the bulbs.

5 Paper & Tiling

The thought of stripping old wallpaper and hanging new paper may seem a bit daunting, but there's a first time for everything. Get the hang (sorry) of it, and decorating your house will be a lot cheaper than calling in a decorator. Tiling the bathroom isn't that difficult either, as long as you mark the position of the tiles and measure carefully.

6 Woodwork

Master some simple woodwork and you can make all kinds of things for your house and garden. The obvious use for basic woodwork is to build shelves and, with the help of a spirit level to make sure the shelves are level, you can also put them up. The next item will also come in handy for putting up shelves …

7 Drilling

Power tools aren't just for the guys! Get a drill, and you can put up shelves, hang pictures, and build furniture. Using a drill does require some safety precautions, such as wearing safety glasses and ensuring that your hair doesn't get in the way. When drilling indoors, it's wise to use a gadget that checks for the presence of pipes and wires in the wall. Otherwise you could be needing a plumber or an ambulance!

Women are perfectly capable of doing DIY. We should all learn some DIY skills so that we can do our own work around the house. Besides, it can be a lot of fun to fix things, and very satisfying to know that you Did It Yourself. It's even better if we can do things that the guys can't! What DIY jobs can you do?

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