36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Woman Should Know ...


36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Woman Should Know ...
36 Dollar Store Tricks Every Woman Should Know ...

As you probably already may know, dollar stores are the mecca for common sense tips and tricks. If you are like me, common sense things need to be explained to know about. The following YouTube video is jam-packed with what you need to know!

Jansen's DIY
Published on Jun 18, 2017

I would like to discuss with you what I thought of because of this video for the upcoming holiday season...

For last minute holiday hostess gifts using dollar store items...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Shower Caddie

Why not make a coffee station for the hostess using a shower tote? Stick in some coffee, coffee travel cups, filters (if using a regular coffee maker), sweetener, straws to stir, coffee syrup, whip cream, etc. Attach a ribbon on the handle!


Cupcake Liner

Why not make up trays of store-bought cookies using cupcake liners? Buy a few trays, take cookies out of packaging, separate the cookies onto individual cupcake liners, then place cupcake liners with cookies neatly onto trays. This one may seem more common sense, but I wanted to include anyway, as you just might lack common sense like I do.

I hope you found the above YouTube video interesting! Merry Christmas and thank you for watching!

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