7 DIY Zen Gardens That Will Help You Achieve Inner Peace ...


Okay, the inner peace part may be a long shot but it can't hurt. Besides, we're always on the lookout for beautiful craft projects and the following DIY zen gardens fit the bill. While there are not that many varied ways to create a DIY zen garden, the following craft tutorials show you fantastic items to include in yours. Happy zen gardening!

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Cover a Rock with Lace

Cover a Rock with Lace This is a lovely DIY zen garden that you can make using a shallow bowl, fine sand, some rocks, and a pretty piece of doily or lace. The first step is to fill your bowl with the sand. You can arrange the rocks on top of the sand any way you like. Don't forget your rake. You can make one using coffee stirrer or use a back scratcher.

Source: blog.freepeople.com


Use Feather to Make Sand Patterns

Use Feather to Make Sand Patterns You don't have to make a special rake for your DIY zen garden. Any pointed thing that you like will work beautifully. A feather, for instance, is a perfect example. And if you want a beach theme for your mini zen garden, add shells instead of rocks.

Source: 733blog.com


Accessorize with Crystals

Accessorize with Crystals Rocks from your yard are not the only things that you can place on top of your DIY zen garden. Pretty crystals will look gorgeous, too. You can get some from Etsy or any New Age store near you. As you can see, you also have plenty of options as far as sand color goes. Any craft store should have a wide variety of colored sands for you to choose from.

Source: themerrythought.com


Add Succulents

Add Succulents Small plants should always be welcome in your DIY zen garden. Air plants or succulents are perfect examples. You can add one to your garden but you have to keep it planted to some dirt or moss. You can do this by fashioning a small sack for the roots of the succulent. Fill said sack with potting soil. Place your succulent by the bottom of your bowl and fill with sand.

Source: dreamalittlebigger.com


Make Divisions

Make Divisions One fun way to make a DIY zen garden is to divide your bowl or container into several sections. You can also make small islands made of moss sheets and some rocks. Of course, a large part of your garden should have sand.

Source: thirstyfortea.com


Make a Rake Using Dowels

Make a Rake Using Dowels The last two tutorials we have here are for making the rakes for your DIY zen garden. This one makes use of wooden dowels and wood glue. To make your own, you will need to use wooden dowels in three sizes: ½, ¼, and 1/8.

Source: instructables.com


Use Found Items to Make a Rake

Use Found Items to Make a Rake It's not necessary to use store-bought materials to make a rake for your DIY zen garden. Twigs, acorns, and shells will work as well. Any small item that can make pretty patterns on sand will be perfect, as a matter of fact. For assembly, you will only need hot glue.

Source: themagiconions.com

Make a DIY zen garden and place in your office desk. When the going gets tough, take the miniature rake and zone out to find peace. DIY zen gardens will also be perfect for your home office, a reception area, or a store's break room.

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This looks like an indoor garden/plant that would survive in my house!

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