DIY Workout Shirts for Cute Fitness ...


DIY Workout Shirts for Cute Fitness ...
DIY Workout Shirts for Cute Fitness ...

Get inspired and motivated with these DIY workout shirts!

My favorite t-shirt of her's is kiss my abs! (although mine are not flat...)

Cute workout t-shirts are hard to find without Googling. Why not save some money and make your own?

All you need is a plain shirt, printer, transfer paper, laptop, iron, ironing board, and scissors.

Like the title states, just look at shirts for sale and copy what they are selling.

I have a couple of workout t-shirts from Macy's, one of them saying, "Yes I do lift... My shopping bags"! Another one says, "This workout needs more than H20". If I ever lose or gain weight, now I know I can copy these myself.

Workout in cute attire for that motivation and inspiration!

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