DIY Workout Shirts for Cute Fitness ...

By Leiann

DIY Workout Shirts for Cute Fitness ...

Get inspired and motivated with these DIY workout shirts!

My favorite t-shirt of her's is kiss my abs! (although mine are not flat...)

Cute workout t-shirts are hard to find without Googling. Why not save some money and make your own?

All you need is a plain shirt, printer, transfer paper, laptop, iron, ironing board, and scissors.

Like the title states, just look at shirts for sale and copy what they are selling.

I have a couple of workout t-shirts from Macy's, one of them saying, "Yes I do lift... My shopping bags"! Another one says, "This workout needs more than H20". If I ever lose or gain weight, now I know I can copy these myself.

Workout in cute attire for that motivation and inspiration!

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