Coolest 😎 Video with 5 DIY βœ‚οΈ Valentine's Day πŸ’˜ Gifts 🎁 That Double ✌️ as Room Decor πŸŽ€ ...

They always say, β€œit’s the thought that counts,” right? Well in this video you’ll learn that’s the truth with these awesome DIY Valentine's Day gifts. The best part - they double as decorations too!

Valentine’s Day (even married) is always kind of a bummer. It never seems like gifts are β€œspecial enough” and just on the heels of Christmas, it’s hard to find the right something for my husband. Chocolate is so clichΓ©, cologne is overdone, so on and so on until my head is spinning!

That’s why finding this video has been so wonderful! From fluffy yarn hearts to an adorable handprint heart canvas, I can make personal gifts for my husband (and even include the kids too, in order to make it extra special) while also decorating my house for the occasion. In this video, you’ll find 5 DIY crafts that are awesome to have around for the season of love... even if you don’t have someone special to give them to.

Check it out and see what kind of festive decor you can add around your house (and let’s face it, I’m sure us girls can all agree that adding a little pink flair around the house never hurt anyone! Haha).

So look no further for your Valentine’s Day gift inquiry that this great video brought to us by YouTube sensation IdunnGoddess, I promise you won’t be sorry you made any of these DIY Valentine's Day gifts.

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