7 DIY Skin Care Remedies for Soft and Gorgeous Skin ...


These DIY skin care remedies will improve your natural glow. Getting smooth, soft, and clear skin is something most of us strive for. Not only does it make us more confident, but it is also a sign of good health. The problem with typical store-bought skin care products is that they are full of chemicals, carcinogens, artificial ingredients, and preservatives that we do not want to be putting on the largest organ of our body (the skin). That’s why these home made, cheap, easy, DIY skin care remedies are great options. They are made from ingredients that are pronounceable and can be found (mostly) in your kitchen!

1. Coconut Oil Body Butter

Body butter is one of the best DIY skin care remedies, as it is creamy and soothing to your skin. This coconut oil-based one will make your skin absolutely glowing. Coconut oil contains healthy fats that are great for your skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with puffiness. This moisturizing cream has only 2 ingredients and is appropriate for anywhere on the body. The addition of lime makes this smell amazing, and adds some vitamin C and antioxidants that are great for clearing the skin.


Β½ cup Coconut oil

15 drops of lime oil (or your favourite essential oil; you can try fresh lime juice too)


Whisk the solid coconut oil in your mix-master, Kitchen Aid, electric whisk or stick blender. When it starts to soften add the lime or essential oil drops and keep mixing until nicely whipped. Label it and take note of the best by date on the coconut oil bottle. It’s best not to apply things with citrus oils to the skin before going out into the sun, as they can make the skin more photo-sensitive or more prone to going red. Store the oil in a cool, dark cupboard and most importantly – enjoy!

Grapefruit and Brown Sugar Facial Scrub
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