21 Cute Ways to Keep Your Cords Tidy ...

By Jennifer

21 Cute  Ways to Keep Your Cords  Tidy  ...

There are few things in this world that will ruin your sleek, clean, uncluttered home decor than a tangle of messy charging and electrical cords. Fret not! Here are a few super-clever (and kinda cute) ways to keep those cords hidden and/or tidy.

Table of contents:

  1. so simple & cute!
  2. use a binder clip
  3. cord tacos!
  4. cord roll
  5. use washi tape labels
  6. these little tags
  7. make a skyline
  8. cool cubbies
  9. use a shoebox
  10. little leaves
  11. lego hands are the right size to hold cords!
  12. tp tubes?
  13. use a mail organizer
  14. velcro strips
  15. clothespins & washi tape
  16. old book
  17. hide with hooks
  18. iphone case with cord holder built in
  19. wee balls
  20. these wooden wonders
  21. get crafty with it

1 So Simple & Cute!

pink,font,product,fashion accessory,hand,

2 Use a Binder Clip

lighting,light fixture,

3 Cord Tacos!

fashion accessory,jewellery,hand,label,CORD,

4 Cord Roll

man made object,brown,fashion accessory,leather,hand,

5 Use Washi Tape Labels


6 These Little Tags


7 Make a Skyline

wall,modern art,art,lighting,painting,

8 Cool Cubbies


9 Use a Shoebox


10 Little Leaves


11 Lego Hands Are the Right Size to Hold Cords!


12 TP Tubes?

fashion accessory,lighting,hand,finger,electronics accessory,

13 Use a Mail Organizer


14 Velcro Strips


15 Clothespins & Washi Tape

jewellery,fashion accessory,hand,finger,DIY,

16 Old Book


17 Hide with Hooks


18 IPhone Case with Cord Holder Built in

fashion accessory,automotive exterior,strap,leather,buckle,

19 Wee Balls


20 These Wooden Wonders

chain,fashion accessory,rein,rings,

21 Get Crafty with It

play,product,food,dessert,cake decorating,

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