Crafty Girls Guide to Extending Your Useless Small Jeans Pockets ...


Crafty Girls Guide to Extending Your Useless Small Jeans Pockets ...
Crafty Girls Guide to Extending Your Useless Small Jeans Pockets ...

There's nothing worse than trying to slide something into your pocket only to discover that there's not enough room in there. Tiny pockets can really ruin an outfit and make it hard to carry what you need with you. Fortunately, there are a few simple tweaks you can make to create deep pockets that are ideal for your smartphone, lipstick and other necessities. Follow these easy steps and those useless pockets will be fully functional in no time at all.

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Turn Your Shorts inside out

This lets you see how much space you have to work with. Figure out how big you'd like your pockets to be and then write down your measurements. Now you can choose the appropriate fabric for fixing them up.


Choose Your Fabric

The great thing about this DIY project is that no one is going to be able to see your alterations. Find a couple of scraps of fabric that will work for extending your pockets. If you don't sew often or don't know someone with a stash of fabric scraps, head to the nearest fabric or craft store. They often have bins of remnants that you can get for a cheap price.


Prepare the New Pockets

Now that you have your fabric chosen, get it ready for adding to the existing pockets. Divide the fabric into two equal pieces that adhere to your former measurements. Now, fold each piece in half and sew the sides closed. You can do this by hand or with a sewing machine, but remember that no one will be able to see it so no need to worry about perfection.


Get the Existing Pockets Ready

It's now time to prep the tiny pockets in your pants or shorts so they are ready for the enlargements to be attached. Use sharp scissors and cut off the very bottom of each pocket. Don't cut off too much because you are trying to get bigger pockets here. Don't worry if they aren't exactly the same, but try to get some symmetry so your pants or shorts are comfortable when you wear them.


After carefully making the initial cuts, gently pull at the edges to fray them slightly, adding a touch of rustic charm. This will also prevent the fabric from unraveling too much during subsequent washes. If you prefer a cleaner look, you can also use a seam ripper to meticulously remove the threads along the bottom of the pocket, creating a more delicate finish. Remember, patience is key; rushing might lead to accidental damage, and we're all about those flawless modifications. Your pockets are now on their way to being both stylish and functional!


Attach the New Pockets

Grab your new pockets that you stitched up from the fabric scraps and pin them to the existing pockets. Make sure the folded side of your pocket extenders are facing down so there isn't a hole in your pocket when you're finished. Make sure there aren't a bunch of fabric puckers or they'll be uncomfortable when you wear your pants or shorts.


Once the new pockets are pinned and lying flat, whip out your trusty sewing machine or needle and thread. Stitch along the sides and the bottom of the new pocket extender to secure them to the original pocket. Use a thread color that matches your jeans for a seamless look or, for a touch of whimsy, go bold with a contrasting color. Carefully remove the pins as you sew, and be sure to backstitch at the start and end of each seam to reinforce the stitching.


Sew the New Pockets in Place

Using a needle and thread or your sewing machine, attach the new pocket extenders to your old pockets. Once done, clip the excess thread and make sure they are close to even.


Try Them out

Now, put those pants or shorts on your body and slide your hand into your new, deep pockets. If you need to make adjustments, turn them inside out again and make any corrections as needed. Otherwise, enjoy being able to slide your phone and your entire hand into your new fabulous pockets.

Are you excited to give this a try? What other advice can you share?

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