7 Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls on a Budget ...


7 Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls on a Budget ...
7 Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls on a Budget ...

Are you looking for cheap DIY Halloween costumes?

Everyone knows that Halloween is a big deal. There’s candy, haunted houses, and wild parties you’ll remember for a long time. But you know what the worst thing is? Trying to find a Halloween costume that’s creative and cheap! How many of you have seen a naughty nurse, witch, or a vampire at a Halloween party? If you shop for Halloween costumes at Party City or Walmart, chances are someone else has the same costume as you. So before you use your gas to go out costume shopping, try making something yourself. I guarantee that your friends will think you’re a genius. Here are some really awesome cheap DIY Halloween costumes.

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Sims Plumbob

green, triangle, triangle, line, product design, If you haven’t played it, then you’ve probably heard of it before. The Sims is one of the most popular simulation games out there that inspires creativity and can even be tricky if you don’t use cheat codes. You know that green diamond on top of their heads? That’s called a Plumbob. This costume barely runs you $10 and can help you stand out in the crowd. You can be your own Sim and do just about anything and it will still go with your costume. I’m 100% positive no one else will come up with the idea. It's one of my favorite cheap DIY Halloween costumes.


Mario or Luigi

cartoon, technology, product, mascot, figurine, This costume if very simple. All you need is overalls, brown shoes, a red or green short sleeve shirt, fake mustache, and a Mario or Luigi cap. This costume can easily beat the price of any party city or Halloween store that you come across. Also, it’s more creative to make the costume rather than buying it online. If you love Nintendo, then you should definitely use this costume idea.


Error 404

text, yellow, font, line, logo, This is probably the cheapest and easiest costume you can make at home. Just grab any white plain t shirt and write “error 404, costume not found” on it with a black permanent marker. It’s the ultimate costume for those who forgot to get a costume or were too lazy to buy one. It may not be the best costume, but it’s sure to get a laugh out of your friends and family if they get the reference.



masque, mask, headgear, carnival, She isn’t known to be the nicest goddess among them, but she definitely is an independent one. Buy a couple of small snake plushies, put them into your hair, and wear shades all day and night. Bonus points if you’re an artist and know how to do awesome face makeup with scales. You could even wear crazy yellow contacts to get the full look. I’m 100% sure no one has ever thought of such a simple costume that’s both historic and creative. It works even better if you have really curly hair to twine the snakes in. You can wear a gown if you want to look more dramatic or even a toga to look more like a Greek goddess.



electronic device, gadget, technology, display advertising, communication device, For all of those who love social media and getting likes, this is the perfect costume for you. Simply construct a large photo frame you can carry as if you’re a picture trying to get likes. You can use cardboard and paint to color it. You can print out the Facebook thumbs up and the Facebook logo so people know what site you are representing. In today’s society, Facebook is worshipped and almost treated like an addiction. For some reason people need to get likes. So to let everyone know about this, wear this costume and see how many likes you get.


Cookie Monster

stuffed toy, plush, organism, shoe, fur, I know he’s a childhood character, but who doesn't love cookies? All you need is a blue shirt and then you can print off a picture of a cookie half eaten and glue it to your shirt. Bonus points if you get google eyed goggles to wear to exaggerate the costume even more. If you want to take it further, get some blue faux fur and stick it to your shirt. Not only is this a unique costume, but I’m sure others can relate to you by the love of cookies.



skeleton, costume, This is for all the artists out there. Simply make yourself look like a skeleton with some ace makeup and all over body paint if you want the full look. If you’re at an adult party, wear body paint to exaggerate your features and really make yourself look like a bunch of bones.

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