Bet You Didn't Know These Cool Uses for Mouthwash ...


I always end up with unfinished bottles of mouthwash because I never seem to be able to find one I like. But I hate to throw anything away, so I’ve tracked down some other uses for mouthwash that you might like to try too:

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Clean Your Toilet

Okay, so you have tried a number of ways to clean your toilet bowl and failed. Don't worry and try this simple fix: pour ¼ cup of your regular mouthwash into the bowl and leave it there for about half an hour. Now, swish it using your toilet brush and then flush. You'll be amazed to see the results.


Improve Your Laundry Wash Cycle

It is never easy to wash your stinky gym socks with other clothes. You can now make it easy. Simply add a cup of mouthwash to your regular cycle to make it easy to wash your smelly laundry. The antiseptic in mouthwash does the trick here.


Get Rid of Garlic Smell from Hands

Have you just prepared a dish and dealt with ingredients like garlic and onion? You may now be looking for a way to get rid of that smell of garlic from your hands. Go get your regular mouthwash, pour some of it on your hands, rinse them properly, and wait for mouthwash to dry. Now, wash it off with clean water.


Eliminate Underarm Odor

Do you fear mingling with others just because you cannot seem to find a fix for your smelly armpits? Simply, soak some cotton with your regular mouthwash and rub it well under your arms. Don’t do this if you've just shaved your underarms.


Remove Dandruff

Applying it to your hair to get rid of dandruff is one of many interesting and effective uses of mouthwash. Of course, you can find many products to get rid of dandruff, but those shampoos and products can be ineffective and expensive too. All you need is an alcohol-based mouthwash and you're good to go. Use it after you shampoo in shower. You will notice a change after a few rinses.


Disinfect Toothbrushes

Not sure if your toothbrush is clean: Dip it in your mouthwash for a few minutes to disinfect it with utmost ease.


Disinfect Minor Cuts

Try your mouthwash to treat minor cuts! Don't be surprised; your mouthwash works because it contains alcohol or chemicals that eliminate bad bacteria in your mouth. Just dip a cotton ball in your mouthwash and wipe the cut to disinfect it.


Eliminate Plant Fungus

You are a plant lover. You love everything about plants except plant fungus. I've got the answer. Make a solution by mixing one part mouthwash and three parts water. Add it to your regular spray bottle and use it when you see fungus developing on plants.


Treat Athletes Foot

If you suffer this problem you probably know that treatments are expensive. Forget that! Use a cotton wall ball soaked in mouthwash to wipe between your toes a couple of times of a day until the condition clears up.


As an Astringent

If you’ve run out of toner, not a problem. Use your mouthwash.

Did you know mouthwash could be used in so many different ways? What other uses for mouthwash do you know?

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Wow thanks :) great tips!

Don't rinse your hair with mouthwash! I did it, and had an unsightly red rash that stretched from my shoulders to midback! They we're shaped like water dripping so I know it must have been the mouthwash! :(

It sort of makes me uncomfortable that chemicals I'm putting in my mouth can be used to clean a toilet....

Heard about removing dead skin from feet if you soak in mouthwash

Love this!

Seriously?? Toner?? And the high alcohol content??

Piss off Cindy.

Don't be a hater just comment!!

Or don't... Because you don't have to be mean!!


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