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I’ve pulled together a handy list of tips for DIY newbies. If you’ve never picked up a hammer or don’t know what a spirit level is, don’t worry. There’s no need to fear the saw, the drill or the screwdriver. There’s absolutely no reason for women to shy away from doing jobs around the home and if you follow these tips for DIY newbies, you’ll ease yourself quite nicely. You’re welcome!

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

You may have heard it before, but the most fundamental of these tips for DIY newbies is to measure twice and cut once. It doesn’t matter what you are measuring, nor how confident you are that you got it right the first time – always measure twice before you cut anything.


Don’t Touch Anything Electric

If you are a DIY beginner, you might not know that you should leave all electricity to electricians. If you cannot be discouraged from changing a light fitting, please always make sure that you have engaged the breaker so that there is no live electricity in the area you are working. If ever in doubt, please call an electrician; it’s worth paying to get something fixed rather than to risk your life.


Use the Knowledge of Your Local Hardware Store

Hardware store staff will often provide advice for DIY beginners who aren’t sure where to start. Try to use your local hardware store, as they are more likely to employ people who know what they are talking about, rather than a college student on summer vacation. Their knowledge is free, so tap it as much as you can without being annoying or monopolizing someone’s time..


Know Your Limits

DIY beginners often overstretch themselves, starting a job which they simply have no means of finishing. It is fine to accept that there are some things best left to a professional – after all, that is what they have trained for. We all have our talents; yours may not be fitting a new bathroom, but you just have to come to accept that.


Use the Internet for Guides

The Internet is full of tips for DIY beginners, so you might want to start out by doing a quick Google search before you jump into any project. See what mistakes other people have posted that they made online, and learn from those mistakes. While the people you encounter are unlikely to be experts, they might be able to warn you about certain pitfalls.


Have the Right Tools for the Job

You might not like spending money, but as someone new to DIY you might not have the right tools for the job. If you invest in good quality tools, you won’t have to replace them for a good long time.


How Long Will It Take You?

Weigh up how much you can earn per hour, and compare it to how long it’ll take you to do a job. If you are earning less than what a plumber would charge to do the same job, bearing in mind a plumber can probably do it a lot faster, consider leaving it to a professional.


You Will Have to Live with the Outcome

A good thing for DIY newbies to remember is that you will have to live with the outcome of your project. You might want to save a few bucks here and there, but do you honestly think you can fit a piece of carpet without it looking a mess? Weigh up whether saving money is better than having a professional finish the home improvements.


Always Check about Permits

There are some areas which DIY beginners simply cannot tackle. Beware of your local authority guidelines and legislation. Although you might not think you’ll be caught doing something illegal, it can cause you a massive headache when you want to sell your home 5 years down the line. Always do things by the book.

Completing a DIY project is an achievement whether it is a repair job or something to enhance your home. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that it’s man’s work or that it’s always easier to employ someone. You never know, you might become as handy with a drill as you are with your blusher brush! Are you a DIYer or have wanted to try but lacked confidence?

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Extremely good advice. And I can add, never start a project at night. Murphy's law says you'll hit a snag and the hardware store will be closed.

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