Best Colours for Your Home for 2019 Based on Your Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Best Colours for Your Home for 2019 Based on Your Your Zodiac Sign ...

Nothing marks the start of a new year quite like a spot of interior decoration! If you want to have a fresh start in your own home and enjoy the rest of the year in familiar yet different feeling surrounding, then a simple thing to do is plan a new colour scheme for the bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, whichever room takes your fancy! Be careful though, some colours might suit your personality, and some might not! Here are the best home colours for your zodiac sign in 2019.

1 Aries

Couch, Furniture, Red, Living room, Interior design, You are the embodiment of passion, adventure and excitement, so there really is no other choice for an Aries than deep, dark red!

2 Taurus

Furniture, Living room, Room, Couch, Interior design, Emerald is a colour that suits you well. It possesses that grounded, earthy attitude that comes naturally in your down to earth personality.

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3 Gemini

Yellow, Room, Furniture, Interior design, Living room, You are someone whose tastes tend to change as often as the weather, so it is important to choose a neutral colour that is adaptable to different styles, like pale yellow.

4 Cancer

Purple, Room, Interior design, Violet, Wallpaper, You are a very spiritual, introspective and moody person, so a magical colour like purple is perfect for your personality.

5 Leo

White, Living room, Furniture, Room, Interior design, Gold interiors are perfect for your classical Leo traits; they aren’t suited to every room in the home, but gold can make a really great addition to a kitchen or even a grand bathroom!

6 Virgo

Modern art, Aqua, Turquoise, Teal, Blue, You like your home environment to be as tranquil as calm as possible, and a cool blue-green mixture is perfect for setting that kind of tone.

7 Libra

Green, Room, Furniture, Interior design, Bedroom, You like to have as much of the great outdoors inside as possible, so to accompany the copious amounts of house plant, your colour scheme should be a range of beautiful green.

8 Scorpio

Pink, Furniture, Room, Interior design, Magenta, You don’t do anything by halves; your life motto is very much go big or go home! Something like a hot pink is perfect for you, although it might be divisive within the family!

9 Sagittarius

White, Furniture, Room, Pink, Product, You like to maintain a cute and optimistic vibe in all of your décor, so a range of pastel pinks and purples is beautiful but unassuming; it stays in the background but also gives a lot to the room.

10 Capricorn

Dining room, Room, Furniture, Property, Table, You like to take risks and you aren’t afraid to make big choices, so why not try out at least one statement wall of inky sapphire?

11 Aquarius

Living room, Room, Interior design, Turquoise, Furniture, You feel very at home with nautical tones, so deep blues and aquamarines are something that will really help you to feel connected with your décor.

12 Pisces

Font, Textile, Fur, Pattern, Table, Gem toned green is a good choice for you, because it is quite subtle but also contains some of that deep mystery that is very similar to your own personality.

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