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Not so long ago, it was considered as a granny's domain, but now it's time to seriously consider the benefits of knitting. Crafting is picking up in popularity and once again knitting is en vogue. Knitting a jumper or scarf is challenging, yet equally rewarding. It gives you the opportunity to express your individuality by knitting things that are on-trend, but that no one else will have. Find out about some other interesting benefits of knitting.

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Significant Health Benefits

Some key benefits of knitting are that it reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure. A number of studies have also shown crafting activities such as knitting will reduce the risk of dementia. The rhythmic, repetitive knitting movements keep knitters in the present, shifting their focus away from the past and the future. How very zen!


Alternative to Meditation

More yoga and yarn retreats are popping up. Why? Knitting is a meditative practice. Knitters use the right and left side of the brain when knitting rhythmic, repetitive movements. Eventually, the knitter will transcend into a meditative state. Start knitting a basic "garter stitch" scarf for just fifteen minutes a day, and you'll notice the calming influence it has over you.


DIY Gifting

Yarn varies significantly in price. You can pick up good bargains toward the end of winter. Buy in bulk during the sales and stockpile your yarn. Give your close ones cost effective, unique and thoughtful gifts from the heart. Knitwear is so diverse and can be given to virtually anyone, ranging from a mother expecting to a brother's Christmas gift, and everything (and everyone) in between.


Great Guns

People who knit regularly have great guns – no jokes. Toned arms are an underrated and unknown benefit of knitting. Do you have slightly flabby "tuckshop" arms? Grab a pair of knitting needles and get cracking. The key is all in the repetitive movements and tension.


Junk Food Trade-off

Trade in your junk food eating ways for a pair of knitting needles. Knitting keeps your mind and hands occupied, curbing bad eating habits. Over time, you will stop craving junk food. Knitting is a more productive, healthy habit than crisps and ice cream - you'll burn a few calories rather than consume them!


Social Interaction

Yarn clubs and knitting classes are on the rise. Knitters are flocking in packs to local cafes, libraries, community halls and wool shops to have a yarn. Knitting is a great way to meet like-minded people and talk about random topics. Get amongst it!


Creative Outlet

Clothes, accessories, toys, blankets - there are hundreds of thousands of things you can create with needles and yarn. Plus there is a massive variety of yarn and stitches out there to explore. Challenge yourself and push your knitting comfort zone boundaries. The only limit to your creativity is you. Not sure where to start? Check out a book from your library, or watch any of the hundreds of knitting how-tos on YouTube.

The benefits of knitting are it will improve your health and reward you with a unique (and often giftable) treat in the end. Consider taking up this rewarding hobby. Knitting is a cheap hobby and it is easy to learn the basics. Do you knit already? Do you find it helps you to relax and stay calm? What other advantages and benefits can you list?

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a hospital I was staying in offered knitting to the parents with kids in the NICU. like it states in the article, it helped with the anxiety as a parent.

I adore knitting, so I totally agree with this. Its a good pastime that can travel in your handbag too!

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