7 Amazing Pinterest Pins That Actually Work ...


There are so many Pinterest pins that actually work, however theyโ€™re usually few and far between. Weโ€™ve all found pins that weโ€™ve been so excited about, and then when we try them out, they are complete messes. Pinterest is great for finding awesome tips and tricks, but sometimes itโ€™s hard to pick out the Pinterest pins that actually work from the Pinterest pins that are absolute failures.

1. The Banana and the CD

Everyone has scratched a CD or DVD at some point, but thankfully there are a lot of Pinterest pins that actually work to fix that problem! The best fix that Iโ€™ve found, though, is the banana trick. You just cut a banana in half and rub it in circles around the scratched CD or DVD. Itโ€™s almost magic how quickly it works. Gone are the days of wasted CDs and DVDs; youโ€™ll never have to repurchase your favorites again!

The Flat Iron Holder
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