7 Absolutely Stunning and Stylish Hard Clutches That You Can Make ...

By Meream

7 Absolutely Stunning and Stylish Hard Clutches That You Can Make ...

Awards season has come and gone but I bet some of you are still obsessing over the many stylish hard clutches the celebrities carried. Your hopeless dreaming days are over because there is a way for you to DIY stylish hard clutches. You don't even have to be incredibly crafty to be able to pull the following off. These are so easy, you will likely end up doing all seven.

1 Floral

How pretty is this DIY hard clutch? To make this, eye screws were attached to the top opening of a hard eyeglass case. A long necklace was then attached to the eye screws, turning the eyeglass case into a pretty small but quite serviceable bag. It's one of the easiest stylish hard clutches to make yourself.

Tutorial Source: misskristurner.com

2 Spiky and Golden

This lovely little thing is inspired by a clutch from Alexander McQueen. You probably remember that they released gorgeous hard clutches a few seasons back. They're still quite trendy so why not try your hand at a DIY? The eyeglass case here was covered with glittery glue but if you can find a case that's already metallic in color, you can skip this step.

Tutorial Source: antlersandrosesblog.blogspot.com

3 Jewerly Box

That's right, this pretty shell-like clutch used to be a jewelry box. Clever, right? What was added to make it a functional little bag were the mini drawer knob handle and a fabric lining inside. Take note that you will not want to use a real drawer knob. Those can be heavy, so try to look for smaller ones at the craft store.

Tutorial Source: chic-steals.com

4 Acrylic Frame

Isn't this beautiful? This particular DIY hard clutch is perfect for showing off your pretty everyday essentials. For the body of this clutch, acrylic box frames were used. You can get them in any hardware store. While you're there, you will also want to grab pretty hinges, a metal latch, and a clear drawer pull knob. For added cute factor, you can also washi tape the edges of your acrylic clutch.

Tutorial Source: sayyes.com

5 Triangular Box

You have probably seen many wooden boxes in fun shapes at the local craft store. Guess what? Any of them can be turned into a pretty clutch! You simply find a wooden box in a perfect size, paint or embellish any way that you like, and that's it. What Daria did here was add wooden letters to spell IT, making this the "It clutch."

Tutorial Source: kittenhood.ro

6 Knuckle Ring

This is another DIY hard clutch inspired by Alexander McQueen pieces. Just like most of the hard clutches I have mentioned before, this one will require the use of an eyeglass case. Using industrial glue, attach a knuckle ring to the top opening. Let dry and you're done.

Tutorial Source: superficialgirls.com

7 Book

Yep, that is a clutch. But it's not made of a real book so there is no need to cry. Board and embroidered fabric were used to construct the book. To make the fabric adhere to the board, you will need this amazing fusible web from Pellon called Wonder-Under.

Tutorial Source: sprinklesinsprings.com

Which of these pretty and stylish hard clutches will you be DIYing? I will completely understand if you say all. They truly are gorgeous! As for me, I will be going for the book one first. I need an excuse to buy chip board, you see.

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