7 Absolutely Stunning and Stylish Hard Clutches That You Can Make ...


Awards season has come and gone but I bet some of you are still obsessing over the many stylish hard clutches the celebrities carried. Your hopeless dreaming days are over because there is a way for you to DIY stylish hard clutches. You don't even have to be incredibly crafty to be able to pull the following off. These are so easy, you will likely end up doing all seven.

1. Floral


How pretty is this DIY hard clutch? To make this, eye screws were attached to the top opening of a hard eyeglass case. A long necklace was then attached to the eye screws, turning the eyeglass case into a pretty small but quite serviceable bag. It's one of the easiest stylish hard clutches to make yourself.

Tutorial Source: misskristurner.com

Spiky and Golden
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