7️⃣ Things That Are Just Cluttering 🗑 Your Dorm Room ...


College is often your first chance to make a living space truly your own. That's a lot of fun, but also a lot of pressure. How do you make a room cute, fun, and homey and without making it cluttered and claustrophobic? It isn't easy, but I'll share with you a few simple mistakes that everyone seems to make that you can avoid.

1. Last Semester's Books

As an English major, I could never suggest throwing away books! But that being said, I would be up to my nose in them if I never stored, sold, or donated them. If you don't think you'll need a book again, consider selling it to a used bookstore or simply drop it off at the library. If you can't part ways with last year's books just yet, but won't be using them any time soon, stash them in some storage bins under your bed.

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