7 Steps to Making Your Own Lip Gloss This Summer ...


Have you ever tried making your own lip gloss?

I am a lip gloss fanatic, I’m always finding delicious flavors of shiny lip gloss that I just MUST have, but this wonderful makeup must have has gotten a bit pricey over the years!

Bath and Body Works has to-die-for glosses, but they can cost up to $12.50 per tube and that’s just too much for me.

If you want the shine and the flavor without spending all of your money, follow these steps to making your own lip gloss and you’ll never have to buy it again!

1. Gather Your Materials

Gather Your Materials

When making your own lip gloss, as well as with other DIY projects, you will find it makes the job a great deal easier if you have all of your materials/ingredients laid out in front of you before you begin.

You will need all of the following:


Crayola Crayons (Safe and Non-Toxic!)

Castor Oil


Honey or Non-Toxic Fragrance Oil


Small Metal Measuring Cup/Bowl/Spoon/Tin Can

Heat Source (Candle, Double Boiler, etc… no microwave)

Lip Gloss container or tube (containerandpackaging.com has a variety for as little as 16 cents each!)

Stir Stick


Knife/Scissors (to chop crayons)

2. Clean up Your Area

Clean up Your Area

Remember, this is stuff you (or your friends) will be putting on your lips.3

You want everything to be as clean as possible.

Take a Q-tip or cotton ball and clean out the inside of whatever container you will be using.2

You will only need half of a crayon…or the equivalent of half if you want to mix colors to create your own.

So peel the paper off of the crayon half or pieces you will be using and wipe them down lightly with alcohol.

Make sure the rest of your area is clean.

3. Prepare Ingredients

Prepare Ingredients

You now need to chop your crayon into pieces.

It doesn’t really matter how thin they are, but the thinner they are, the faster they will melt.

Feel free to mix colors… you can get a beautiful bold red by mixing regular red with a few other red toned crayons.

At this time, you should also measure out ½ a tablespoon of vaseline and ½ a tablespoon of castor oil.

Melt and Mix
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