7 Simple Tips for New Sewers ...


These tips for new sewers are intended to help people who want to begin sewing but don't have anyone to teach them.

Moms and grans used to pass on their knowledge, but since many now haven't learnt sewing skills themselves, they can't show us how to sew!

When you're a novice it's easy to make mistakes that put you off continuing, but do persist as sewing is a great hobby.

Try these tips for new sewers …

1. Start Simple

One of the best tips for new sewers is to start with simple projects.

This will allow you to get used to using a sewing machine and give you some confidence.

Try a simple bag, a cushion cover or a hair band to begin with.

There are lots of patterns and tutorials online for the kind of easy project that would suit a novice sewer.2

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