7 Incredible Lips Scrubs That You Can Make ...


Lips scrubs are important for keeping your lips smooth and healthy. But we don't encourage you to go out and buy. We suggest going the cheap and organic way by making your own! That's right, there are many DIY lip scrub recipes that you can try in your very own kitchen. They are easy to follow and are sure to give you natural and fabulous products.

1. Use Raspberries


A natural DIY lip scrub with raspberries? That is all sorts of fantastic, if you ask us. The first thing that you do is to mix organic sugar, olive oil, and honey into a clumpy concoction. After that, you mix in and mash the raspberries. This should give you a pretty, pink mixture perfect for keeping your lips smooth.

Source: woodsofbelltrees.com

Just Add Honey
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