7 Best Blogs for Refashioning Your Clothes ...


Blogs for refashioning clothes are all over the Internet these days.

There are so many creative people out there!

Refashioning is becoming very popular in these times of austerity.

Seamstresses are also turning to refashioning as a way of reducing the amount of clothing that's being discarded, or because they want to create something original.

Here are some of the best blogs for refashioning clothes that will inspire you …

1. ReFashionista


One of my favorite blogs for refashioning clothes is this one, from the very creative Jillian.

She can take an awful outdated dress, and rework it into a gorgeous little number that looks so different from the original you'd never believe it was related in any way!

Jillian includes lots of photos to show how she remade the piece, and others of her cute little dog.

2. Charity Shop Chic

Charity Shop Chic

Thrift stores in the UK are known as charity shops, and there are a lot of them.

Naturally some of the contents are pretty horrifying clothes that you wouldn't be seen dead in!

Charity Shop Chic is written by a blogger who also excels in transforming a garment into something totally different.

There are loads of photos, and plenty of inspiration to be found.

3. Offsquare


The refashions on this blog tend towards the more conservative side, so are ideal if you want a more conventional style, such as for work.

An incredibly useful aspect of the blog is the inclusion of a section on Β΄How to refashion'.

There are some brilliant practical tips on how to go about refashioning a garment, as well as how to get ideas for what to make.

4. Recycled Fashion

Recycled Fashion

The interesting aspect of this blog - aside from the refashions - are that it includes lots of posts on other aspects of refashioning.

The blog also covers projects that are based around recycling and repurposing fabric.

This makes it a good blog to read if you are not keen on sewing yourself but are interested in buying clothes made from recycled fabrics.

Refashion Co-Op
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