7 Wonderfully Beautiful Wedding Veils You Can Make Yourself ...

A veil is just one of the many beautiful things that a bride can rock on her wedding day. But just like most of the details in a wedding, a veil can cost a pretty penny. Thankfully, there are wonderful guides online that will show you how to DIY a wedding veil. Since the materials needed to make a veil are really cheap, you will end up saving a lot of money when you choose to make your own veil. You get to have 100% creative freedom, too. What could be better, right? Check out the following DIY veil ideas for inspiration.

1. Make a Simple Tulle Veil

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Making your own DIY wedding veil is as simple as sewing two lines of stitches on tulle fabric. This tutorial is fantastic for the bride who wants a simple veil, without any embroidery or lace trim. Apart from the fabric, you will also need a comb for this sewing project. You can attach the veil to the comb by hand stitching.

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