With Only a Few Twists, You Can Make the following Stylish Rings Using Wire ...

There are countless of ways to make beautiful jewelry using wire. For those looking to start at a small project, we have here fabulous wire ring tutorials. Since rings are small items, you will pretty much use only a teeny amount of wire for any of these jewelry DIYs. This means that you can practice until you perfect any design you like. This also means that you can make several rings; some to keep and some to give to your favorite girl friends.

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How cute! This is inspired by a Dior β€œOui” ring. You can make yours in French but if you happen to like English as well, this β€œYes” version should be perfect. For this project, you will be needing only wire and pliers. Use wire with medium thickness. You don't want it to be too thin that the ring would snap. You also don't want it to be too thick because it might be hard to twist.

Source: mywhiteideadiy.com.es

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