7 Ways to Transform Cheap Furniture to Chic Furniture ...

Have you ever wondered how to transform furniture? It’s something I often think about when I’m hunting for the perfect piece…if nobody has created what you are after, is it easy to make it yourself? It seems I’m not the only one. The news has been dominated by bloggers and big names that have bought simple furniture and given it a chic makeover – here’s my favorites, and some inspiration on how to transform furniture!

1. Curtains…

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Curtains are complicated. Not only do they need to be the right size and shape, but they need the right design too – and some designs can cost a fortune. So it’s no wonder that interior designer Naomi Stein’s attempt has been so loved – it’s all over social media! Naomi invested in some white Ikea curtains, and cut them into four stripes to cover her bay window. She added her own touch by sewing fuchsia trims down the sides, and the results are amazing. Stunning. I’m in the middle of creating a monochrome pair for my bedroom – it’s a great introduction to how to transform furniture!

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