7 Savvy 😏 Ways to Spruce up πŸŽ€πŸ–Ό Your Dorm Room🏒 ...

Most college girls ask what are the easiest and most inspiring ways to spruce up your dorm room? Me too! When I had to buy stuff for college, I was so confused as to what I should get. My college was in another country and I could not take everything back. Also, being a minimal packer, I had to think about it strategically. In most colleges, you need to move your stuff every year to a new room which can be a hassle too! So I would recommend investing in little practical things that don’t take up much space whilst still looking adorable!

1. Plants in Cute Pots - a Perfect Combo of Savvy and Spruce

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Being inside and prepping for exams and assignments can deprive you of fresh air so get some plants in that room for some much-needed oxygen. There can never be enough plants and you can always pass these down to other students once you are done with college. I have a bunch of succulents in mine, they are easily manageable and look so cute!

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