7 Ways to Redecorate Your House for Spring ...

After keeping the windows shut for the long, cold winter there’s no better way to open them back up and let the sunshine in and then finding ways to redecorate your house for spring! By adding just a few key items, you can give your home the quick fix it needs to say goodbye to the cold days or winter and hello to the warm days of spring. So, put away those extra blankets and check out some easy ways to redecorate your house for spring!

1. Out with the Old

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When you’re ready to redecorate your house for spring it’s good to start off with a little spring-cleaning. Lift up those rugs and sweep up those floors 'cos it’s time to open your house up to a little light. Put away any heavy blankets and pillows that you don’t need anymore. And, definitely take down any holiday decorations if you haven’t already (you know who you are). You’re going to need some space for your new spring finds and those certainly don’t go with Frosty the Snowman.

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