7 Ways to Organize Your Closet when Crammed into a Dorm Room ...

Anyone who has lived in a dorm room can understand how important the different ways to organize your closet are. Closet space is very valuable in a dorm room and also widely limited. By organizing your closet properly, you can clear the clutter, create tons of new space, and make it so much easier to pick out clothing when rushing for your 8 a.m. history class. Having a clean and neat closet can make it easier to get dressed, shop for new clothes, and has an effect on your entire room. So follow these simple ways to organize your closet and watch your room transform before your eyes.

1. Color Code

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With such a small space, color-coding your clothes is one of the easiest ways to organize your closet. It will make your closet look so much more visually appealing and it will help you pick out exactly what clothes you want. It can also help you figure out which colors you tend to wear more and which colors you want more of in your wardrobe. After I color-coded my closet, I realized that half of my closet was black and blue and that I wanted more bright color in my wardrobe.

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