9 Ways to Make Your Home More Cozy and Feel Less Cluttered ...

Some of my favorite home decorating tips to share with others are ways to make your home more cozy. I’m all about adding life and a little intimacy to a home that make it more welcoming and really, it’s not that difficult to do. If you need a few tips on ways to make your home more cozy, consider some of these below. Big or small, any house can be cozy with a few small touches.

1. Lighting

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The number one trick above all ways to make your home more cozy is to use good lighting. Dark corners, fluorescent lighting, and little light in each room will make a home seem bleak and uninviting. Too bright lights make things harsh and dark rooms with the drapes closed or no lamps, also make a room seem depressing. To make things cozy, place a lamp at opposite corners of the room, at least on two sides. These can be floor or table lamps, it doesn’t matter. This balances out the lighting in the room and makes the room seem larger, and yet more cozy at the same time. Get rid of overhead lights if you want things to be cozy and not seem like a department store or your supermarket.

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