8 Ways to DIY and Steal Diane Kruger's Summer Style ...

How cute is Diane Kruger's summer style? You can check out the whole outfit here. While I am not a fan of the tied-up shirt look, I do think that there is a way to make this 10x more adorable. And yep, I am talking about going the DIY way. We have here a list of 8 projects that will help you steal Diane Kruger's summer style. You can do one or two or everything; or you can take inspiration from them to create your own summer look. Happy crafting, stylistas!

1. Long Strap Bucket Bag

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One way to steal Diane Kruger's summer style is to make a lovely bucket bag. This tutorial (find the links for the complete tutorial on the last page of this post) will show you a way to sew a gold faux leather bucket bag with a long strap. If you want a bag much closer in style to what Diane used, using floral fabric is the way to go.

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