7 Ways to Brighten up Your Dorm Room ...

When you first move in, you might be looking for ways to brighten up your dorm room. Lighting options can be limited in your tiny room so you have to rely on things like decorations and natural light. It might seem hard at the time, but there are so many easy ways to brighten up your dorm room. And the best part about brightening up your dorm room is that it will appear bigger. When dorm rooms are darker, they appear to be more cramped and smaller.

1. Light Colors

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If your entire room is filled with dark colors like black and navy blue, how can you be expected to brighten up your dorm room? A great trick in having a brighter dorm room, regardless of your lighting situation, is to use lighter colors. Having too many dark colors can leave your room feeling smaller and more like a cave than a dorm room.

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