Video Guide 🎞 on How to Cure 👋 Bad Breath 😷 ...

You are at work, on a date, etc. and whoops! You get bad breath! Very embarrassing, right? Be prepared for this dilemma by watching this YouTube video which teaches an easy home remedy!

Khichi Beauty
Published on May 21, 2017

Often it is our diet that causes bad breath. How hard is lemon juice, baking soda and mint leaves? Prepare a week's worth at one time and just say "no" to bad breath!

Although a tongue scraper is suggested, I would not go to that drastic of a measure. I believe a dose of her home remedy is quite enough.

Just remember not to drink the mouth wash. Only gargle.

Many of you may have a classic case of halitosis, but now you can be confident and not ashamed, standing in close proximity, not a mile away!

Good luck and thank you for watching!

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