Video 🎞 Guide on DIY ✂️ Dollar Tree 💵 Vanity Organizers 🗃 ...

Is your make-up drawer out-of-control? Is your make-up all over the place? This video is short, simple and so common sense. Watch for tips on organizing so that you can finally know what makeup you do have, what to toss and what you need to purchase.

Victoria White
Published on Jul 17, 2017

All it takes are a few items from Dollar Tree...shelf paper and small plastic organizers. Maybe you have more makeup than Victoria, maybe you have less.

Do you not have specific vanity to sit at and look in a mirror? Eliminate one of your dresser drawers of underwear, bras, etc. and use this drawer as your makeup section.

Decorate and organize your vanity to show your personality! Be creative! Do you like flowers? Photos?

Finally, instead of hunting for everything you need in the morning, you can look forward to finding everything and look forward to a brand new day looking all prettied up!

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