36 Vibrant Examples of Crayon Art ...

I think crayon art is kind of awesome, but then, I still love to color on the sly. You know that tug you feel when you walk by school supplies in the store, and spot that massive box of Crayola? However, there are so many more things to do with crayons these days. Using your hairdryer or even a hot glue gun, you can create some stunningly gorgeous crayon art that looks like it could hang in a gallery. I've tried to capture a few examples that aren't necessarily all over Pinterest. Let me know what you think, if you've ever made art with crayons, and if you have any tips for doing it!

1. Doctor Who

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Via Doctor Who Melted Crayon Art ...

I see crayon art for all sorts of movies, books, TV shows, and pop culture references, but this is for all my Dr. Who fanatics. You could even make the silhouette represent your favorite Doctor – which one would it be?

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