7 Useful & Creative Ways to Display Books ...

Many of you, myself included, are probably in need of finding useful yet creative ways to display books! If you have way too many books that are haphazardly stored and just taking up a lot of space, then you need a fantastic way to show off your books. Even if you don't love to read, you can still harness your creative side and use your many books as a decorative piece in your home. Here are some useful and creative ways to display books that should allow you to reduce clutter and create beauty all at the same time!

1. Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

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I love the idea of using an old industrial pipe as a wall hanging and then using it as a storage place for your favorite reading material. You can even add accessories to the ends of the piping to make it more attractive and fun- select door knobs, fabric pieces, or you could even add you own book ends for more stability and space. Using an industrial pipe as one of the ways to display books is not only economical but also fun and creative!

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