7 up-cycle Ideas for Outgrown Cribs ...

If your kids have outgrown their crib, don’t throw it out, use these awesome ideas for ways to up-cycle cribs and keep that memorable part of your children’s youngest years close to you for years to come. These creative ways to up-cycle cribs will allow you to create an entirely new piece of sentimental and useful furniture. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, but here are a few suggestions to get you thinking!

1. Quaint Bench

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One of the most stylish ways to up-cycle cribs is to make a lovely bench out of the sides and the bottom. If your child’s crib has cartoon characters or some other design on it, you can either paint over it or leave it as is and use it as a cute little reading bench in their room. It also makes a classy bench for your entry way or front porch if you paint it to match the surrounding decor.

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