7 Top Tips for Tiny Rooms ...

Have you ever spent time desperately hunting for tips for tiny rooms, or someone to write down just how you’re supposed to fit everything in? You’re not alone. According to recent studies, room sizes are getting smaller, and we’re trying to fit more in. It’s no wonder it’s not going right! That’s why I’ve collected up these tips for tiny rooms. Whether it’s your kitchen, a bedroom or a study, these tips will help you to get the décor right.

1. Use Shelf Storage

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Almost every room needs storage of some type, but fitting it into a tiny room can seem difficult. Without it, though, the room will quickly become cluttered and messy. That’s why this is one of my top tips for tiny rooms! Put some open storage shelves against a wall, and keep them organized. It’ll keep the space airy and open, but provide much-needed storage.

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