7 Things to do with Candy Corn ...

Here are 7 cool things to do with candy corn in honor of Thanksgiving being right around the corner! Nothing says “fall” or “Thanksgiving” quite like candy corn does! It’s so bright and colorful, and there are so many inventive and creative ways to use it! Some of the things to do with candy corn are actually more fun than eating it, if you can believe that! So please see my list below for 7 things to do with candy corn, and then jump in on these fabulous ideas and get started!

1. Gift It

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One of the sweetest things to do with candy corn is to make it into a thoughtful Thanksgiving gift for a sweet friend! Put it into a pretty container and finish it with fall inspired ribbon! Or grab an old frame and some burlap, and hot glue the candy corn on in the shape of words for a unique and pretty fall decoration you can gift!

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