7 Terrific DIY Ideas to Recycle Tennis Balls ...

Crafting with sporting goods may not sound exciting but I am here to say that recycling tennis balls can be loads of fun. In fact, there are so many enjoyable ways that you can craft with tennis balls, old or new. From cutesy home dΓ©cor to some fit for a man cave, the following sporting goods DIYs are sure to make your creative fingers itch.

1. Personalized Dog Toy

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Sure your furbaby will not know that you gave him or her a recycled tennis ball but your gift will most definitely be loved. To make one, you will only need a tennis ball and a wood burning tool. Use the latter to write the name of your pet onto the ball and you're done. You may also opt to add string or rope to make a β€œtug” toy.

Source: justsomethingimade.com

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